Chronic Pain

Understanding Chronic Pain

As one of the most common reasons for seeking medical care, it’s clear chronic pain is on the rise. Affecting more than 40% of Americans, identifying and treating chronic pain remains an elusive challenge for physicians and scientists around the world. Indeed, the World Health Organization has declared untreated pain is a worldwide health care crisis.

If you – or someone you care about – suffer from chronic pain, you know first hand how it can affect your family, your friends, your ability to work, and your life.

Many people would prefer a pain-relief solution that was natural, tested, and proven to reduce pain – without the risk of addiction or harmful side effects.

Overtime Pain Relief Lotion is an FDA registered over-the-counter product that’s available to you direct without a prescription, manufactured in the USA in an FDA-Certified Lab, and recommended by physicians across America.

Developed by a UCLA-trained, pain specialist medical physician, Overtime Pain Relief Lotion is clinically tested, safe, and effective to reduce inflammation and help temporarily relieve minor headaches and pains from underlying muscle, arthritis, joint, neck and back pain symptoms.

Combining seven natural, scientifically proven pain relieving ingredients and anti-inflammatory agents, Overtime Pain Relief Lotion penetrates deeper and faster into aching tissue for fast, long-lasting relief.

No other topical pain product has been proven to be stronger than Overtime Pain Relief Lotion.

Learn more about common types of pain and how Overtime Pain Relief Lotion can help.



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