Success Story Written Testimonials

Overtime Pain Relief Lotion is great. I’ve never seen anything like this stuff. Some of my patients have eliminated narcotics altogether. Two thumbs up on this stuff. Whatever is in it, really works!

Mark Ashtiani, PAC

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Pacific Pain Physicians. Santa Barbara, California

Overtime Pain Relief Lotion is as close to a miracle treatment for patients with acute and chronic pain that I have ever seen. Patients love it and return for more. I have used Overtime for patients who have suffered athletic or work injuries and with senior citizens who suffer with severe arthritis. I have even used Overtime on my own pain due to sports injuries with great success.

Bruce Hoyle, M.D.

Board-Certified Family Physician, Anaheim, California

My wife and I have used Overtime Pain Relief Lotion as a supplement to other anti-inflammatory pain medication for ourselves and our patients. We are especially pleased by its effectiveness when used to treat delayed-onset muscle soreness resulting from strength training. I can recommend it highly as a pain treatment modality.

Joseph Dziados, M.D.

Former Chairman, Department of Primary Care and Sports Medicine

Overtime is miraculous! It’s incredible! Nothing works better for me or my patients. It seems to help with any kind of musculoskeletal pain.

Phillip Madrid, M.D.

Board Certified in Family Practice, St. Josephs Heritage Medical Center, Orange, California

Our occupational Health Clinic has been using the Overtime Lotion now for approximately 5 months. Our patients have been totally satisfied with this product and have found the Overtime Lotion to be extremely beneficial in their treatment of their various musculoskeletal disorders. They frequently request refills because this product provides excellent relief from their pain. I would highly recommend this product.

Gary Barlow, PAC/CEO

Western Medical Group Torrance, California

Overtime Pain Relief Lotion has been a fantastic addition to my practice. I use Overtime on all my patients for many different conditions including neck pain, lumbar pain, bursitis and tendonitis of the hips shoulders, and other joints. Overtime is great to use while performing manipulations of the spin and extremities because it relaxes the muscles and makes manipulations easier to perform. I personally use Overtime on my back and neck for pain relief from my own chronic back pain. I am shipping off to Iraq and I plan to use Overtime on the soldiers that I treat.

Mark Bennallack, D.C.

Associate Professor, USC School of Medicine, Major, United States Army

I suffer with severe pain of the neck, back, and joints due to degenerative disc disease and arthritis as a result of injuries I received in combat in Vietnam. I have used Overtime pain relief lotion for several years. Overtime pain relief lotion is fantastic. It’s just what a soldier needs to relieve the pain of muscle strains, arthritis, or degenerative disc disease. No other topical medication has ever worked this well for me. I recommended Overtime pain relief lotion to anyone with severe pain.

Thomas Martin

Special Ops, United States Navy (55 year old male with severe pain due to severe degenerative disc disease of the cervical and lumbar spine and arthritis of the joints)

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